Boxing comes out with a vengeance

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Boxing comes out with a vengeance Empty Boxing comes out with a vengeance

Post by monaroCountry on Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:05 pm

For all of Dana Whites talk about boxing being dead and irrelevant. Boxing will come out with a vengeance in the next coming days.

Every fight fan worldwide will be glued to their TV or big screen watching the Manny Pacquiao v Juan Manuel Márquez fight. These guys fight 2-3 fights a year (on par with MMA fighters actually) but all of their fights are brutal marathon battles with courage and skills. Unlike some MMA fights like the Brock v Carwin where Carwin showed no gas and lacked experience or the Cain v Brock where Brock ran away from punches.

The global viewership of this one fight alone would dwarf the global viewership of any of UFC's events, fighter pay would also dwarf the combined pay for Zuffa, and as a whole this one fight would be far more relevant than the whole UFC year of events.

As a fight fan, boxing, MT, MMA, BJJ, Sambo, I cant wait to see another top display of skills and experience with two proven and experienced fighters going at it, not some inexperienced overhyped 5-2 CAN.


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