Russian boxer dies after TKO

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Russian boxer dies after TKO

Post by Фёдор Емельяненко on Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:29 am

Russian boxer Roman Simakov has died in hospital without regaining consciousness after suffering heavy injuries in a bout against Sergey Kovalev on December 5.
­The 27-year-old was defending his WBC Asian Boxing Council light heavyweight belt against former compatriot Kovalev, who now lives in the US, in a match held in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg,

Simakov suffered a knockdown in the sixth round, with the fight turning into a one-sided affair thereafter.

The bout was stopped one round later, with Kovalev being awarded a TKO victory and Simakov taken straight to hospital.

“The patient was delivered to our emergency room in a coma,” the hospital’s emergency department informed “The patient was in such a serious condition that we didn’t even have time to do an MRI. An urgent craniotomy was performed, with a large bruise on the right of the skull removed.”

The doctors fought for the boxer’s life for three days, but he passed away on the night of December 8 without regaining consciousness.

The athlete will be buried in his home city of Kemerovo.

Roman Simakov has taken part in 22 professional bouts during his career, collecting 19 wins (9 KOs), two defeats and a draw.

the vid will get taken down shortly

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Re: Russian boxer dies after TKO

Post by nodogoshi on Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:35 am

I just downloaded the fight, though I haven't watched it yet (now I don't know whether to or not).

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Re: Russian boxer dies after TKO

Post by TJC123 on Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:39 pm

really unfortunate.. RIP


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Re: Russian boxer dies after TKO

Post by StillWill on Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:10 am

By Alexey Sukachev and Vringe.Com

This past Monday, two highly regarded Russian light heavyweights collided in an important cross-roader in Ekaterinburg under GT&KP Promotions. One of them, undefeated America-based puncher Sergey Kovalev (17-0-1, 15 KOs) escaped a brutal affair relatively unmarked – at least visibly – with a minor belt around his waist and his unbeaten record intact.

The other boxer, Roman Simakov, paid a much higher price… Simakov, also a fearless slugger but the lesser boxer of the two, lost consciousness immediately after the stoppage (forced by accumulation of punches and not by a single knockout blow). He has never regained it, finally succumbing a few days later to brain injuries sustained in fistic action. Simakov passed away at a tender age of 27; becoming the first Russian boxer to meet his ultimate fate inside the ring.

Sergey Kovalev shared his memories and impression of this tragic encounter in his blog at

“Hello to everybody. I want to share some thoughts about my recent fight with Roman Simakov… As you have certainly seen, it started in a measured pace and it was quite even. I’ve got going only in the second round after the mediocre opening. In the midst of the fourth, I injured my left thumb, which I had surgery on four years ago. I decided to fight in more measured pace after that and gave Roman some room for his own activities.

After my successful attack in the sixth, when I put Simakov down, I honestly thought he wouldn’t rise to continue fighting but he did. Frankly speaking, I wanted this fight to be stopped because Roman had eaten so much leather to that point plus my own thumb gave me sudden pain with each punch I was throwing. Only when Romka (affectionate diminutive to “Roman” in Russian) moved backwards I landed a left hand to his forearm. I do think it wasn’t a single punch which resulted in the tragedy. It’s clearly seen on screen.

Certainly, I was very glad to get this win but I was unaware of Roman’s condition. I thought at that time that he had finally made the right decision not to continue this fight for his own good. When I came to his dressing room, he wasn’t there. He was in the hospital already… He was a Fighter and a Man. May his spirit rest in peace…

Meand my manager tried to speak with Roman’s parents but they don’t even want to hear about us. I understand it perfectly as they lost their beloved one. That’s a horrible tragedy. My manager bought them tickets to go from Kemerovo to Ekaterinburg but they were too late. They were too late as they landed in Ekaterinburg just thirty minutes after Roman’s death.

If I ever step in the ring again, I will dedicate my next fight to Roman. All of my earnings will be sent to his family. Forgive me, Roman… Rest in Peace, Warrior...”

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Re: Russian boxer dies after TKO

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