B-Hop/Dawso correctly overturned into NC by CSAC

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B-Hop/Dawso correctly overturned into NC by CSAC Empty B-Hop/Dawso correctly overturned into NC by CSAC

Post by Prince Mo on Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:30 pm


LOS ANGELES (December 13) - The holidays came early today for Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins when the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) overturned the decision that dealt the oldest champion in boxing history a controversial technical knockout loss to "Bad" Chad Dawson on October 15 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. The outcome of the hearing, which took place at the CSAC's regularly scheduled meeting, changed the TKO loss to a no decision on Hopkins' record, leaving no doubt that he is still the light heavyweight world champion.

"Justice was served today," Hopkins said. "I am thrilled that the California State Athletic Commission did the right thing and removed that loss from my record. Mistakes happen, but what you do to fix those mistakes is what counts."

"I'm very pleased that the California State Athletic Commission did the right thing and ruled that the result of Hopkins-Dawson was a no decision rather than a TKO loss for Hopkins," said Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer. "As the old saying goes, 'there's a reason that pencils have erasers' and I commend the Commission for having the courage to correct an error which wrongfully put a blemish on Bernard Hopkins' record. We now look forward to making Bernard's next history-making fight."

"The footage of the fight that was reviewed over and over again, proved to be the key testimony," said Hopkins. "I think it came down to the tape. Both of our sides were making good points, but it was a dinner without a turkey. The tape was the turkey. I am happy this ordeal is over. Now I can focus on continuing to rehab my shoulder and get ready to fight again, hopefully early next year. I will start my usual boxing routine in a couple of weeks and get ready to defend my titles again."

FUCK Chad Dawson,, B-Hop still the champ
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